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Elijah Nyaga Munyi, Department of Culture and Global Studies

"I found the whole system at Aalborg University very organised and supportive. My doctoral programme SPIRIT is well organised and the secretaries are superb. They show you your office, give you the keys, tell you who you will be sharing the office with and introduce you to the Head of programme. There was a group of people to make you comfortable which was very helpful. The professional working environment here is superbly professional and nurtures maturity and a sense of independence." Read more...

Makiko Morita, Department of Political Science

"If you choose to go to another country to write a PhD thesis, I personally think that it is important that you have some interests in that country in addition to your enthusiasm in the project. It is after all your choice, but I believe that you should choose to go to another country not only for practical matters. In that case, you might not be happy during your stay. You should research for more than just job opportunities. It is also important to consider: How do people live there? What could your social life be like? What kind of people might you meet there? Etc. If you find good opportunities that meet your interests, I strongly encourage you to go ahead!" Read more...

Heather Louise Madsen, Department of Business and Management

"I particularly enjoy the environment that exists within our centre. There is a very nice atmosphere, and many of us have similar research interests, which also makes collaboration exciting. We have a common kitchen/lunch area where we have breakfast together once or twice a month, and often meet for lunch as well. There are also research seminars hosted by our centre once a month, and we have visiting students and a lot of other research-related activities in which we may participate, which is nice. We all know each other and get along well which creates a positive working environment, both socially and professionally." Read more...

Jiuan Zhang, Department of Culture and Global Studies

"The work environment is good at Aalborg University. Everything here is very organised. The working hours, lectures and seminars are organised quite well. I enjoy it very much here. The most impressive thing here is the internet and online resources." Read more...


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