Doctoral School of Social Sciences

Sociology and Social Work

Focus areas

The academic profile of the program is related to the main areas at the Department of Sociology and Social Work

  • Sociology
  • Social Work
  • Working Life and Organisation

The central subjects in this doctoral programme are are social relations and social diversification with special emphasis on coherency, social problems, affiliation, identity and organization in complex post-modern societies. The analysis focuses on individuals, groups, social institutions and organizations and attaches importance to variation in class, gender, ethnicity, age and disability. 

The underlying research environment, PhD-network and activities

There are six research centres behind the doctoral programme:

  • SAGA
  • SocMaP
  • FoSo
  • LEO
  • The Research Group Organisation and Evaluation

In relation to the programme, there are a number of decentralized research education activities which are presentations of PhD-projects in research groups, and participation in process oriented activities e.g. writing courses. Furthermore, the programme participates in numerous domestic and international doctoral programmes.


The programme is managed by the Department of Sociology and Social Work, and the programme leader is Lars Skov Henriksen,                     

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