Doctoral School of Social Sciences

Politics and Society

Politics and Society


The doctoral programme of Politics and Society is an interdisciplinary training programme for PhD students who undertake research relating to society, state and globalisation in a contemporary or historical perspective. Using a variety of analytical approaches and theories from the social sciences and the humanities, the PhD students’ research focuses on cultural, political and socio-economic developments at the local, national, transnational and global level; research themes include changes in economic, political, social and administrative systems, international affairs as well as state-market-civil society relations, gender, identities, mobility and displacement.


The PhD students are members of (at least) one of the research groups within the department. The junior and senior faculty members within the research group play an important mentoring role in the PhD student’s academic progress. The department hosts the following 11 research groups:

ACEuS: Aalborg Center for European Studies
CARMA: Centre for Labour Market Research
CCA: Conflict, Coercion and Authority in History
CCWS: Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies
CIM: Centre for IS Management
COMA: Centre for Organization, Management and Administration
DIR: Development and International Relations
FREIA: Centre for Gender Studies
GRS: Global Refugee Studies
KSH: Knowledge, Sustainability and Heritage
POLSOC: Political Sociology Research Group


The PhD students at the Department of Politics and Society have regular network and lunch meetings each semester. The purpose of these meetings is to share professional and personal experiences as well as exchange of ideas and information about available PhD courses, workshops, conferences etc. with other PhD peers.

Head of Programme and PhD secretary

The Head of programme is Iben Fonnesberg-Schmidt,
PhD secretary (primary) is Marianne Høgsbro, tel. 9940 981,
PhD secretary (secondary) is Inge Merete Ejsing-Duun, tel. 9940 8218,