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Doctoral School of Social Sciences

Innovation Economic Programme

Focus areas

The program focuses on the very core elements of economic development:

  • Knowledge
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health economics
  • Economics

Research is carried out on multiple levels (individual, organizational, industrial, regional or national). Often, researchers take a dynamic/processual perspective and base their investigation on a multidisciplinary approach in which economic theory and empirical data are combined with elements from areas such sociology, economics, history and psychology. PhD courses, supervision and the ongoing research activities associated with the IKE group support this multifaceted approach.

The underlying research environment, PhD network and activities

The program is affiliated with the cross-institutional research network DRUID where IKE research group participates in close cooperation with the Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics at Copenhagen Business School and the Research Group for Strategic Organization Design at the University of Southern Denmark.

DRUID has established a joint graduate education program. The DRUID Academy offers a range of statutory and supplementary courses, as the network's Ph.D students are expected to participate in. PhD supervisors are primarily recruited from the IKE-group, but students are increasingly also affiliated with co-supervisors from IKE’s international network of research institutions and universities.


AAU's economic innovation research program is associated with the Department of Business and management and is part of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences. The program is coordinated by Professor Christian Richter Østergaard in collaboration with the remainder of IKE's Executive Committee.