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Doctoral School of Social Sciences

Education, Learning and Philosophy

Focus Areas

This doctoral programme is focusing on education, learning and teaching for adults. The work is centred on the following themes:

  • Development of organisations including management, evaluation and handling of knowledge
  • Educational sociology, didactics, workplace learning and university pedagogy
  • A framework for development of innovative competencies
  • Philosophy and theories of science

The purpose of this programme is to establish the best academic and social frames to support the course of study for the PhD students.

The underlying research environment, PhD-network and activities

The doctoral programme is associated with four research areas at the Department:

  • Centre for Education Policy Research which conducts theoretical and empirical research on education. Education is seen as institutionalized programs aiming at creating learning and competence development.
  • Research in Education and Cultures of Learning, which has as a starting point the study of teaching at a micro level, in all the stages of the educational system.
  • Research Unit on Learning Environments, which focuses on discourses, culture and differentiation
  • Research Group on Philosophy and Science Studies.

The Programme has established co-operation with other doctoral programmes both locally, nationally and internationally.

Nationally the programme is connected to the network “forskeruddannelsessamvirket” (researcher educational co-operation), which offers education within pedagogy and learning, and DOCSOL (Doctoral School of Organizational Learning).

In Scandinavia, the programme is co-operating in the Nordid-network with Gothenburg University and the university in Agder about annual doktorand courses in didactics oriented research.

The programme is organizing numerous seminars with involvement of Danish and international researchers every year. These seminars are also offered to PhD students at other Departments. Furthermore the programme organizes internal seminars, where the PhD students can present and discuss projects and papers, academic and practical issues with common relevance.

All PhD students are from the beginning connected to one of the research groups at the Department.


The programme is cross-organisational under the Faculty of Humanities and The Faculty of Social Sciences. The Department of Learning and Philosophy is responsible for the programme. An advisory panel is connected to the programme. The senior researchers at the Department have the academic responsibility for the activities in the programme. 


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