Doctoral School of Social Sciences

Business and Management Programme


The Doctoral Programme in Business and Management is related to the research themes within the Department of Business and Management. The department does research within the broad fields of business administration, management and economics including:

  • auditing
  • business models
  • finance
  • health economics
  • industrial dynamics
  • innovation and entrepreneurship
  • international business and marketing
  • macroeconomics and economic policy
  • management accounting and control
  • marketing
  • organization and strategy


The doctoral programme is supported by Department of Business and Management’s research centers and research groups. All PhD students participate actively in one or more of these research groups. It is prioritized that all PhD students experience to be included in a well-functioning academic and social research and training environment.

The doctoral programme aims to engage with business communities, public organizations, policy and other stakeholders by supporting PhD students that carry out research and user-oriented analyses in close collaboration with these. Therefore, the doctoral programme host many externally financed PhD projects. These projects include industrial PhDs, PhDs in collaboration with firms and other organizations, and large ad-hoc research collaborations such as EU funded projects like Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action Innovative Training Networks.

The programme organizes several specialized and generic PhD courses every year. The doctoral programme actively promotes internationalization and participation in the international academic environment. Therefore, the PhD students enrolled in the doctoral programme in Business and Management go abroad for their stay at external research environment as a part of their PhD training (with a few exceptions). In addition, the PhD students are encouraged to participate in international conferences and publish in international outlets. The programme also welcomes visiting PhD students in collaboration with the research groups.

The doctoral programme provides main PhD supervisors and co-supervisors, either from the department, from its network of affiliated researchers or from other relevant academic environments. The Department of Business and Management have several double degree collaborations with renowned foreign universities.

The programme is also affiliated with several long-term network activities, such as:

The inter-university research network DRUID where researchers at the Department of Business and Management participate in close collaboration with researchers from Copenhagen Business School and University of Southern Denmark. Since 1997, one of the main events in the DRUID network has been the annual DRUID Academy conference and PhD course. The conference for PhD students within the fields of economics, entrepreneurship and management of innovation, technology and organizations focuses on development of their skills and research papers. There are also a few keynote presentations from international top researchers. More than 70 PhD students participate every year. The participants are mainly from European top universities but also from North America, South America and several Asian countries. The DRUID Academy conference was held in Bordeaux in 2015 in collaboration with University of Bordeaux, and in Cambridge in 2012 in collaboration with the UK~IRC and Cambridge University. During 2006-2011 the conference was co-organized with the EU FP6 financed network of excellence DIME (Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe).

SCANCOR (Scandinavian Consortium for Organisational Research) where Aalborg University participates in a Nordic-American network between Nordic universities and Stanford University, USA. PhD students from the program have the opportunity to apply for a research stay at SCANCOR at Stanford University.

SINO Danish Center (SDC) where the Department of Business and Management participates within the field of innovation management. The department’s SDC PhD students have both a supervisor from the department and a co-supervisor from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. They also must spend at least 6-12 months in a Chinese research environment e.g. at the Sino-Danish Center at UCAS' Yanqihu Campus north of Beijing.


The Doctoral programme in Business and Management is associated with the Department of Business and Management and is part of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences. The programme is coordinated by Associate Professor Jens Holmgren.